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Over time and bumps in the road, your vehicle tire alignment gets knocked out of place. This leads to faster wearing on your tires and could affect your vehicle’s steering, too. Bring your car over to us for an alignment and we’ll get your tire alignment back in order.

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Oil Changes

You should get an oil change every 5,000 to 7,500 miles you drive, or else your engine won’t cool down as effectively which will cause more wear and tear on each part of it. Our technicians can get you in and out in a flash with brand new oil to keep your engine cool and running!

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Is the belt in your car’s engine frayed or torn? Do you hear a high-pitched squealing? That’s an issue you should address immediately, since once your belt snaps, you can lose power steering and that can be dangerous. We’ll repair or replace your belt to make sure that your car performs as it should!

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When your power steering goes out, there’s a number of possible causes. Our technicians can spot the problem easily, and will address it in no time. Whether you need more power steering fluid, it’s a battery problem, or belt-related, we’ll figure it out and fix it up!

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A car isn’t much without tires, and even then they need the right ones. Bring your car to us, and we’ll match it with its correct tire size and install them. Also, protect your tires in the cold months with our winterization service!

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The electrical systems in our vehicles are getting more and more complex every year. We’ve got the tools and expertise to troubleshoot and repair any issue your vehicle’s electrical system may have. 

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Other Services

✔ Air Conditioning
✔ Axles
✔ Batteries
✔ Brakes

✔ Engine Diagnostics
✔ Exhaust
✔ Shocks & Struts
✔ Suspension